Synonyms and related words:
bristly, bushy, capillary, castellatus, cirrous, cloud-flecked, clouded, cloudy, cumuliform, cumulous, dark, dirty, fibered, fibroid, fibrous, flagelliform, fleecy, flocculent, flossy, funicular, furry, fuzzy, gloomy, gossamery, hairlike, hairy, heavy, hirsute, hispid, lanate, lenticularis, ligamental, mammatus, matted, nebulous, nimbose, nubilous, overcast, overclouded, pilose, pubescent, ropy, shagged, shaggy, silky, squally, stormy, stratiform, stratous, stringy, taeniate, taeniform, threadlike, thready, thunderheaded, unshorn, wiry, woolly

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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